UV-C light has been a useful technology for over 40 years, contributing to everything from clean water and air to clean medical environments. We’ve taken this proven technology and put it in a convenient, easy-to-use, travel-ready sanitizing travel wand that uses UV-C light technology. Now you can carry this technology with you wherever you go, from grocery stores and hotel rooms to your office and workspace. A more eco-friendly solution, compared to using disinfecting wipes and is gentler on delicate surfaces, including smartphones, baby’s toys, LED monitor screens and more.

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  • 16 UV mini-bulbs (beads) emit 260-280nm UV-C light
  • Auto-shutoff with integrated gravity sensor
  • Lightweight, compact, travel-ready design
  • Efficient 2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 90-minute runtime on a single charge
  • Quick 3-hour recharge
  • Single-button operation

The lightweight design and single push-button activation allow for single-hand operation, leaving you a free hand for other tasks. Simply flip open the wand to reveal 16 bead-like UV mini-bulbs, then sweep over surfaces to apply powerful UV-C light with wavelength in the 260-280nm spectrum. The durable craftsmanship and rugged folding mechanism protect the UV wand from damage when it’s folded and stowed away in a pocket or purse.

The integrated 2000 mAh battery lasts up to 90 minutes of continual use and can fully recharge in just 3 short hours. A gravity sensor will automatically shut off the UV bulbs when the wand is open and face-up, to prevent accidental discharge of UV rays at eyes and face.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use our UV travel wand on plants and pets, or directly on human skin for prolonged periods of time. DO NOT shine on or near face. DO NOT shine on or near eyes. UV wands should not be used as a substitute for proper hand washing hygiene, mask wearing, or physical distancing. Non-medical use only.


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